Knee Copper Support 901301
  • Knee Copper Support 901301
  • Knee Copper Support 901301
  • Knee Copper Support 901301
  • Knee Copper Support 901301

Knee Copper Support 901301

The Copper-Infused Compression Knee Sleeve is an amazing orthopedic product that is designed to combine the benefits of compression therapy with the unique properties of copper-infused nylon fabric. This knee sleeve provides targeted compression and support to the knee joint while harnessing the potential anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of copper to enhance the healing process and improve overall knee health.





1. Copper-Infused Nylon Fabric: 

The knee sleeve is crafted using high-quality copper-infused nylon fabric. Copper, known for its potential health benefits, is believed to possess anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce swelling and aid in the recovery process. Additionally, copper is naturally antimicrobial, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and odors.

2. Graduated Compression: 

The knee sleeve utilizes graduated compression, with higher pressure around the knee joint gradually decreasing towards the upper thigh and lower calf. This targeted compression helps improve blood circulation, reduce muscle fatigue, and provide support to the knee during various activities.

3.Ergonomic 3D Knitting Technology: 

The knee sleeve is constructed using advanced 3D knitting technology, ensuring a seamless, form-fitting design that conforms to the natural shape of the knee. This seamless construction eliminates irritation and discomfort during prolonged wear.

4.Non-Slip Silicone Grip: 

The top and bottom edges of the knee sleeve feature a non-slip silicone grip, ensuring that the sleeve stays in place during movement and physical activities, preventing annoying adjustments.

Usage Guidelines:

1.Slide the Copper-Infused Compression Knee Sleeve over the knee joint, ensuring the copper-infused fabric is in direct contact with the skin.

2.Adjust the position as needed to achieve a comfortable fit, with the silicone grip holding the sleeve in place.

3.The knee sleeve can be worn throughout the day, during sports activities, or as recommended by a healthcare professional.