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Planet (Shanghai) International Co Ltd is a quality-conscious and affordable wrist kinesiology tape manufacturer. Our company produces the best quality kinesiology tapes by hiring a competent workforce and specialist team to operate and maintain the latest production technologies and machines. We only supply high-quality kinesiology tapes to our customers by enabling our international quality assurance team to examine the quality of our kinesiology tapes daily by seeking assistance from talented and experienced quality evaluation professionals worldwide. Our company sells Kinesiology tapes by charging the lowest price in the very competitive international wholesale market for Kinesiology tapes.

Help Your Business Grow with our Kinesiology Tapes

As one of the reputable Kinesiology tape suppliers, we have made our Kinesiology tapes user-friendly. Thus, physiotherapists can easily use them to relieve the pain of their patients. We are a well-known wrist kinesiology tape exporter who produces kinesiology tapes in different colors. Thus, you can bulk purchase these tapes in various colors as per the color requirements and demands of your customers. As a well-reputed wrist kinesiology tape manufacturer, we produce our kinesiology tapes in different sizes. Thus, you can buy these tapes in whichever size you want as per the size demands and requirements of your customers. We are a reputable foot kinesiology tape supplier who has equipped our kinesiology tapes with the ability to help physiotherapists quickly relieve the pain of their patients. Thus, your customers will not complain about needing to spend a lot of time to relieve the pain of their patients. As a reputed wrist kinesiology tape exporter, we have sold our kinesiology tapes to well-known hospitals and clinics. Our Kinesiology tapes are composed of hypoallergenic materials. Thus, your customers will not suffer from skin allergies after using them. 

Best Foot And Wrist Kinesiology Tape Manufacturer  

As one of the best-known Kinesiology Tape manufacturers, we have invested in research and development to produce more user-friendly variants of our kinesiology tapes. We are also finding measures to scale our production to meet the rising demand for our KT tapes in the global market. To ease the burden on our customers and clients, we offer wholesale discounts on larger orders in order to prove ourselves as manufacturers and suppliers of kinesiology tape in the market.  

How To Use Our Kinesiology Tape?

When using kinesiology tape, following proper guidance helps you get the most out of our product. It's important to follow proper application techniques to ensure optimal results.

1.Clean and dry the skin:

Before applying the tape, make sure the skin is clean, dry, and free from oils, lotions, or sweat. This will help the tape adhere better to the skin.

2.Measure and cut the tape:

Measure the length of tape you need, keeping in mind the area you want to support or treat. Cut the tape with rounded edges for easier application and to prevent premature peeling.

3.Prepare the ends:

Round the corners of the tape to prevent it from catching on clothing or peeling prematurely. You can also apply adhesive spray or primer on the ends for better adhesion, if desired.

4.Apply with tension:

Gently stretch the tape as you apply it to the skin. The amount of tension applied will depend on the desired effect. If you want to provide support, apply more tension. For pain relief or improved circulation, use less tension.

5.Smooth out the tape:

After applying the tape, use your fingers to smooth it out, ensuring good adhesion to the skin and removing any wrinkles or air bubbles. Rub the tape gently to activate the adhesive.

6.Avoid excessive stretching or folding:

While applying the tape, avoid excessive stretching or folding, as it can cause discomfort and may lead to the tape losing its effectiveness.

7.Allow proper drying time:

Give the tape some time to adhere properly to the skin before engaging in any activities or applying clothing over the area. This will help the KT tape stay in place.

8.Remove the tape correctly:

When removing the tape, it's best to do it slowly and carefully. Pull the tape parallel to the skin and in the direction of hair growth to minimize discomfort. If you experience any irritation or pain during removal, stop and consult a healthcare professional.

We have also designed pre –cut patches of our KT tapes to ease users varied needs. Being the part of this industry for so long we are trying to advance and modify our production and selling patterns to serve our customers with great products and desired deliveries.

The Strongest KT Tapes

We are selling high quality kinesiology tape trusted by many professional athletes. Our foot and wrist tapes are designed to relieve pain and inflammation from injuries, degenerative conditions or overuse. 

The best thing about our product is that it is super light and ultra- durable and breathable which can be worn 3-5 days with continuous exposure to showering and intense exercise. It is also constructed with hypoallergenic adhesive to avoid allergies and itching.

Let us know if you have any questions about our product or production.