Bulk Compression Socks Supplier– Planetvff

Planet (Shanghai) International Co Ltd is a reputable orthopedic and sports product brand in the market. Our company equips its production facilities with the latest manufacturing equipment and technologies by hiring a competent workforce and professional team to make the best quality compression socks and sleeves.

We know that producing high-quality compression sleeves and socks helps us thrive in the market. We maintain their high quality by ensuring that our international quality assurance team monitors their quality daily. Quality evaluators from worldwide supervise this team.

Bulk Manufacturing of Compression Socks and Sleeve

Produce under best facility and advance techniques to provide graduated compression and super effective compression products to the market. Being a professional bulk compression sleeves manufacturers and sock suppliers, we outsource some of the best raw material chosen for their elasticity, durability, and moisture-wicking properties to produce the premium end product that our customers loves.

What Makes Our Bulk Compression Socks/ Sleeve Better?

Try our bulk compression socks with graduated Compression if you wish to reduce the swelling, improve your circulatory health, or lower your risk of DVT. They provide you with more health advantages than   regular product in the market.

Our product is highly preferred by athletes or individuals engaged in activities that involve prolonged standing or repetitive leg movements. Choose our compression socks and sleeves to enjoy the following features:

•Reduce foot edema.

•Prevent and treat small Foot and ankle injuries.

•Best compression socks and stockings for vascular health.

•Reduce swelling and inflammation or improve your circulatory health.

•Find best compression strength.

•Our Compression socks and sleeves are available in various sizes to ensure a proper fit.

•Consumers find it ultra -soft and comfortable to wear.

•Silicone strips at the top which prevent it from sliding down during wear. 

•Made from high quality blend of synthetic fibers such as nylon, spandex, or Lycra. 

•Aid in post-exercise recovery.

•Promote healthy blood flow and reduce the risk of clot formation.

Our Dedication to Satisfying our Customer Base

As one of the reputed compression socks suppliers, we are working to pioneer more comfortable compression socks and sleeves. We are also trying to increase the manufacturing speed of our compression sleeves and socks to improve our lead time. Our company is also making efforts to reduce the wholesale price of compression socks and sleeves. We expect that these measures will boost our sales volume and market share as our target market will welcome them. Our company is ready to meet delivery deadlines at the soonest. Thus, we will get our compression socks and sleeves supplied to you through our delivery contractor on time.