Sport Tape

Meet Your Trusted Sports Tape Supplier

Planet (Shanghai) Co Ltd is a quality-conscious sports tape manufacturer. We operate the latest equipment and advanced manufacturing systems by recruiting a competent and skilled workforce under the supervision of an experienced specialist team to make high-quality sports tapes.

Our international quality inspection unit helps us serve our customers by ensuring that we only sell high-quality sports tapes to our customers in different parts of the world. Experienced and well-trained quality professionals have trained our international quality inspection unit. We sell our sports tapes by charging the lowest price in the highly competitive international wholesale market for sports tapes. 

Buy our sports tapes in bulk to grow our business

As one of the reputable suppliers, we make our sports tapes in different sizes. Thus, you can bulk purchase these tapes in whichever size or sizes your customer demand. We are a trusted sports tape supplier whose sports tapes are easy to use. Hence, your customers can simply use them. We use a hundred percent natural cotton to produce our athletic tapes to keep the skin of their users safe. Thus, your customers will not complain about skin problems after using our skin-friendly athletic tapes.

As a reputed sports tape manufacturer, we have equipped our cotton tapes with the ability to adhere to the skin of their users easily. Hence, you will not receive complaints from your customers regarding the failure of these tapes to adhere appropriately to their skins. Our athletic tapes do not leave any residue on the skin of their users after they are peeled away from their skins. We are a reputed supplier whose sports tapes feature moisture-wicking qualities. Thus, their users will not suffer from discomfort, skin rashes, or stickiness after using them. Our athletic tapes are simple to tear. Hence, your customers can easily pull these tapes to use them.

Our efforts to serve your customers

As one of the reliable suppliers, we are researching to develop more user-friendly versions of sports tapes. We are also working to decrease their weight to facilitate you in supplying them to your customers. Our company aims to reduce their wholesale price of sports tapes in the market by cutting down their costs by efficiently utilizing resources.

We are also making efforts to boost our manufacturing speed to decrease our lead time. We are completely ready throughout the year to meet the needs of our customers. Thus, you can receive our sports tapes through our shipping contractor on time.